Currently there are two different models available: Model A as a pure design monitor solution and model B as a Smart Display.

The [re:frame] platform is highly customizable, with numerous opportunities for adaptation and tailoring of the visual appearance of the product even after purchasing.
  • A
  • B
Model A
Model A is a pure design monitor solution. A HDMI interface allows for the connection of external media sources such as computers or media players.

Model A has all individualization options of the [re:frame] platform and can therefore be adapted to the respective needs. Model A can be customized based on the full spectrum both color wise as well as when it comes to frame models.
Model B
Model B constitutes the innovation in the area of multimedia presentation platforms and subsequently creates an own genre: the Smart Display.

[re:frame] model B is a fully integrated digital signage and multimedia presentation solution featuring a passively cooled cpu and a high resolution display.Model B can be controlled via smartphone and is the autonomous solution as soon as quality, appearance and functionality are mandatory for the respective environment.